Ramky, with its vast waste management experience, has developed process for scientific management of Construction and Demolition waste converting into valuable recycled products.

Our Products & Services

provides waste collection & transportation, processing, and manufacturing recycled products—offerings that are reinforces and are tailored to a client’s specific needs.


Produce Sand, Aggregates and other customized Eco-Products 


High quality Tiles from the recycled material

Pre-cast Wall / Stones

Paver Block / Kerb Stone / Concrete Block / Drain Cover / Jalli / Fence Post

Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste means building material debris and rubble resulting from construction, re-modeling, repair and demolition of any civil structure like buildings, roads, culverts etc. The generated waste like bricks, concrete, dust etc. will have unwanted environmental impact if not managed properly. It is mandatory to scientifically manage Construction and Demolition as per regulations.

We Serve:

  • Overall GHMC Area
  • Development Authorities
  • Construction Companies
  • Industrial Establishments and
  • Residentials & Commercial Establishments